How to add money to Curve Cash

Hello. I am relatively new to Curve. I’ve already used Curve to pay with other cards added to the app, and it works fine, but I also have in the app a so-called “Curve Cash” virtual card with £10 of promotional balance. I’ve already used it to pay a small purchase, but I’d like to know:

  • How do I add more money to it?
  • If I make a purchase of an amount higher than its balance, will the purchase fail or will the amount be spread to a different card? Is the latter possible at all?

Thank you!

You can’t add money to the Curve Cash card unfortunately (the only way to add money yourself after the sign-up bonus is to refer others)

Yes the purchase would fail and there’s no way for it to be spread to a different card.

Sorry those answers probably aren’t what you want to hear!

If you have an account such as Dozens or Monzo where you can top with cards you can always use your exact amount this way ;).

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