How to add replacement card to Google Pay

As subject.

Got a replacement card as my old one expired.

Deleted old card from GPay, but cannot add new one from within Curve app (the option in Accounts has disappeared).

Any suggestions please?

Add it from within the GooglePay app or menu (Settings>Google>Account services>Google Pay)?

That’s what I thought, but it didn’t work.

When Curve Support replied to me, they said:

"To add your Curve Card to your Google Wallet, please open your Curve app, head to the “Account tab” and tap the “Add to Google Pay” button.

Please note that you won’t be able to add the Curve Card to Google Pay directly from the level of the Google Pay digital wallet."

So I assume that thise means that I cannot add directly to Google.

Did you actually try it? If so, what was the error message?

This method (adding it from within the GooglePay app/menu) has always been working for me.
And to add a (Curve) card to GooglePay on a Wear OS watch this is actually the only possible way. So I am very surprised Curve support is telling you that this is not possible. Because of a new phone I had to reset my Wear OS watch yesterday (!) and have successfully readded my Curve card to GooglePay this way.

No it doesn’t. That’s why I logged the support request in the first place.

What is the (error) message you get when trying to add your Curve card from within the GooglePay app?

I was getting an error, but cannot remember what it said.

Just tried again and I got as far as requesting a SMS authorisation code, but it hasn’t been received. GPay button is now in Curve app, but it tells me that the card is already in GPay

Ok working now. Removed again from GPay and added again from Curve.



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Not receiving the verification sms happened to me in the past as well. Solution below worked for me:

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