How to approve transaction in the application?

Hi, maybe this is a stupid question but: Where in the app could I approve the current transaction? I tried to approve a transaction through the Android application but probably I did not figure out how it works and failed every time.

  1. After filling in the card details, the Curve website asks me if I want to approve through application or SMS. I pick the application.
  2. Curve on my Android shows me a notification that I have a transaction to approve.
  3. Click on the notification, Curve application shows, needs my fingerprint to log in
  4. After logging in, the Curve application opens but there is no info about approving anything. It is just like I would open the app out of the blue. At this time, the notification is also gone. The transaction is not approved and I need to roll back the whole transaction.

Alternatively, when I have the Curve application opened BEFORE I choose to approve something, nothing happens in the app. The notification pops up, but after clicking, it shows nothing more and I fail again.

Where I can find transactions to approve? Approving through SMS works fine. Thanks.

After loging in to app it should display request for approval right away. It cannot be missed. I guess it is a bug then (worked fine for me on android 2 days ago). App version 3.40.0

Thanks for the reply. It is weird but today was the first time when I had the opened application and the request shows up correctly. I have no idea what was wrong before, or if it will work next time. But seems the problem is at least not usual. I will take a look closely at the next payment :slight_smile: