How to cancel Curve?

I want to close my Curve account, but can’t see how to do so. Any advice, please?

Yesterday, i received an e-mail from Curve, telling me about pricing changes. That e-mail said “If you… want to close your account, you can cancel straight from the app”. However, I can’t find any cancellation option in the app. (I’m using the Android version.)


Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

You can close your account by emailing Curve’s customer services at the following email address

I am sorry that you’ve leaving Curve and wish you the best for the future.

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So when the e-mail said “you don’t need to contact CX”, it was wrong. That’s not exactly impressive, is it?


Oh dear! As a user just like yourself I have to say no it isn’t. Others have said exactly the same thing as the email says one thing but unfortunately the reality is something completely different.


Hey @bluepeter, if you need to close your account here in the community, shot a dm to the @moderators

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Thanks. I’ve already followed @patrice58’s advice and e-mailed Support. Let’s see what response that gets.


No :deaf_man:, the e-mail says “you can cancel straight from the app”. I think it’s true and you can do it by contacting Curve Support directly via Curve app. :speech_balloon: