How to cancel the order of my new Curve card?


I have just joined Curve, because my bank, unfortunately isn’t compatible with Google Pay, and also, my credit card does not allow mobile payment.

On internet, I’ve found the solution to my problem, which is joining Curve, and adding my credit card, should work.

Everything works fine, now I can finally pay on stores with my phone, thanks to Curve! However, I’ve noticed that my Curve physical card, is in process of being delivered, and it will arrive by 28th January… Is there any way to cancel this? I do not want the card because I will not use it. I just want to pay with my phone!

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Adrian,

Welcome to the community and Curve, the card will come deactivated for safety reason. Once received you can keep it safe at home and not use it. this card is link to your Google Pay and needs to exist. If you cancel it the Google Pay card will also.


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