How to check the 3 retailers I chose?

Hello, I forgot which retailers I chose at the beginning. Is there a way to see which one I chose? Can’t find this feature in the app

Hey there,

  1. Open Curve
  2. Swipe to the Curve Cash Card.
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click on Curve Cash.

Now it will show you the retailers you selected.

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But only if you are n the UK, I think.

If I follow those instructions I end up with a 404 not found. I’m in Ireland.

I can confirm the same thing happens to me but I’m in the UK.

In saying that I can’t amend my choices as I am on Curve Black Legacy so that might be the reason.

I am on Curve Black Legacy and in the Netherlands and I can check the retailers I have chosen (no 404 error).

Ah well you have chosen your retailers. I’m on the old Curve Rewards while you are on Curve Cash.

Do you actually get cash back from retailers in Netherlands?

I don’t in Ireland. As a legacy black card holder I should get cash back from, for example, Argos transactions. But if I use my card in Argos here in Ireland I get nothing back.

I did get Cashback from e.g. Lidl, BP, but my validity period that was restarted at about Christmas has already passed. I am on the Curve Cash Program not on the Curve Rewards program.
So at the moment I don’t get any Cashback. Hoping for another activation of the Curve Cashback this Christmas.