How To Contact Curve?

How to Contact Curve…

You Can’t via any direct means. The App does not allow you, There is not Chat service on the main web page. No Customer Service phone line. only support for lost and stolen cards. The support e-mail takes too long to have a viable customer service system compared to even the cheapest of similar products out there.

When trying to get a simple answer to a quick question it takes 3-days via e-mail and even then people are having so many issues with going back and forth with questions and answers. Sometimes taking weeks.

Please can at least 1 person be employed to answer a live chat service or phone line, is very easy to do. It is the main reason I haven’t started to pay for a metal card is the lack of support given.

You would have thought that Curve_Marie would have actually read some of these posts and did something about it by now.

So Please Please Please Curve, Setup a simple live chat system, (very easy to do)
and then I’ll Pay for the Metal card as I would then believe that you cared about your customers as much as your service.

Kind Regards



I was experiencing a similar issue as you are, I sent a message in the Curve app and it took weeks to a month until someone responded. I have a message right now in the app which I sent over a month ago and it wasn’t until today they responded, but I follow Curve on Twitter and they have a support account there, where they 95% of the times respond within 1-3 days. I recommend you to send a direct message to @AskCurve if you have Twitter. I, myself, have not had to wait longer than 1-2 days until someone answers on Twitter.


Hey @Sanka sorry for missing this post until now! Our support team are receiving a lot of messages lately so are taking a little longer to get back to everybody. I understand that the number on the back of your card says to call in case of lost or stolen cards but please feel free to ring that number if you have an urgent query. There is a team of people who will make sure to give you a call back if you can’t get through straight away.

As @Sem mentioned, you can also Tweet our team at @AskCurve or send them a message on Facebook.

I know it’s super frustrating when you don’t get a reply but I can assure you that our team will reply as soon as possible. They’re also continuously making improvements to their processes so that waiting times are much less, I’ll be sure to pass this feedback on to the managers!

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