How to dismiss the "GET CURVE" in the community banner?

This is so annoying on mobile, it take up a lot of real-estate. I have curve, stop asking me to get the app! I just need an X or something to dismiss this large button.


I only have/see that banner, when I visit the community while I am not logged in. When I am logged I don’t have/see the banner. Is this different for you?

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Maybe it’s a cache/cookies thing. I can’t get rid of it. But anyway, you could be logged in but still not have a card, so not sure that’s the solution, unless you have to add your card to your community profile?

Did some more ‘research’. You see this banner, even when logged in, because you (probably) have selected the Curve Design theme in your settings. If you select the Dark theme (doesn’t do anything in terms of making it darker by the way) or the Light theme the banner will disappear (don’t forget to press the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page after doing so).


Thanks. Changed to Light theme and it disappeared.


Looks like it is not possible to select a theme anymore. So now I also have ‘Get Curve’ at the top of the page and can’t get rid of it anymore :slightly_frowning_face:.

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So do I, and I really got used to not having it after using your great tip before (thanks so much for that, it was really good while it lasted)!

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