How To: Double/Triple/Quadruple Your Points/Rewards Using Curve!

So, this might be a bit of a confusing post, and may not make much sense, but I’m sharing a cool tip on how to gain up-to 4 times the rewards you earn!

1. Using your Other Rewards Card
Unsurprisingly, here’s the first way to get some reward. Using nother Rewards card as the base card in curve is your first layer of rewards

2. Curve Cash!!
Again, not surprising, but you’ll get Cashback with Curve Cash!

3. Sign up to "AirTime Rewards"
Airtime rewards allows you to share your Mastercard data with them, and rewards you at certain retailers, and then you can use that credit towards your Mobile Phone contract/top-up.
They’ve got some good retailers on board, including Waitrose (1% upto £20 spend, then 5% after), Argos (4%), Cafe Nero (5%), Debenhams (4%) and a whole lot more! You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play store and sign up for free and register! If you use my referral code (BXYGKHBB), you’ll get a bonus free too! (Redeem the code under profile > earn free credit)

4. Virgin Atlantic/Avios Online/In-Store
Similar to the AirTime Rewards above, I’ve registered my Curve card with Virgin Atlantic’s Shops Away, and ill get a small percentage of my spend at retailers back in Virgin Atlantic Flying club miles :smile:

Just thought I’d share a way of getting more out of each penny you spend :slight_smile:


Thanks !
You can also add Mastercard priceless, you can have cashback when you spend at some merchants :slight_smile:

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Have you got a link?!

This looks interesting. Did you link the Curve card, or the underlying card?

I linked both the curve and the underlying, just to make sure it was linked!

My boots transaction from Monday tracked!

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And if you have an underlaying registered MC you get the reward twice.

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Oh really?! Have you tried it?

What goods are points if we can’t spend them? Been disabled for over a week now.

If you use airtime rewards it goes into your phone bill, or can be used with Airmiles.

This is an informative post and isn’t a thread for posting about rewards not working.

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Are you sure about this? Doesn’t the underlying MC see transactions with vendor = Curve, so Airtime can’t link it to the actual vendor? All transactions on the underlying card are pre-faced with CRV* so they can’t pick up on that either. My Tesco debit card doesn’t register my transactions as spend at Tesco either when I use Curve, which probably works on the same principles.

What app is that?! Looks sleek

I got this information in another forum from a few members, after i read that i registered my MCs there. I made a few transactions already and waiting now for the Coins.

I will let you know it in a few days, it takes a while till the Coins are are credited.

Thanks, I appreciate it. It would be nice to be able to double dip!

Check the first post, it’s airtime rewards!

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Yes it works. I got 2 coins for one transaction. :grin:

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What app is this? Coinsv

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Yes, what is the coins app? It looks like a different app than Airtimes Rewards!

Mastercard Priceless benefit program. You are able to double your rewards with Curve and a underlaying MC.

Can you link us?! I did try find it but couldnt