How to get help via chat?

Whenever I start a new chat, I get the “Otis” automated chat bot. But it doesn’t do anything. For example, I wanted to reach out to make a request about changing my cashback retailers. I launched a new chat and selected “My Cashback” as the topic. No one ever gets back to me. What am I meant to do? How can I actually do anything via chat? It’s terrible!

Only other thing you can do is try emailing them using the email.

Customer Service at Curve lately has been generally terrible though so don’t get your hopes up.


Once you’ve chosen your cashback retailers, you’re unable to change them. Sometimes the customer experience team can honour a one time change but it’s pretty rare.

As above, you can contact them via the email address or via @askcurve on twitter.

Is there any plan to change the way it works ?
I mean you are forced to select all retailers or not able to get cashback but then not able to change.