How To Get Your Refunds Back

Hey all,

If you’re like me and you’re struggling to get your money back, I found a solution:

Through PayPal, you can generate personal requests for money, or create a link, which is essentially like Venmo. I had a family member give me their link, then I selected to pay with Curve Points. From there, they sent the money to their bank account, and then to me. Through this, I was able to transfer over £1000 worth of refunds I had received in about 5 minutes.

Hope this helps.

Don’t you have to pay Paypal’s fees for such a transaction? Might have been worth it in your case, moving £1000 but each case is different. Paypal is usually very good at sneaking in a fee or a currency exchange, to make sure they always profit from each transaction.


From what I can tell, there’s been none because it was a personal transaction. I think they only include fees for currency conversion or international transfers. Neither myself, nor my family member have seen any fees.

Or just use Revolut and top up using curve cash

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In some countries you can chose to pay a friend via PayPal, no fee is added then. But you’ll be blocked from pp after extensive use. They expect it to be small payments only since they basicially lose with every €. You can even chose AmEx as funding source.