How to make the payment?

Hello all,

I have looked up a lot of threads yet I am still wondering how to make the payment for my card? I have got the Curve mastercard and spent, yet I cannot see where to make the payment. Can I do it by bank transfer or so? Thanks in advance!

The answer depends on what you mean with

If you mean the subscription for black or metal (the blue card is free), it’s billed from the underlying card you selected during sign up/upgrade. Also check the help page below (if you would like to change the card the subscription money is taken from).

If you mean how to put money on your Curve card, you don’t/can’t. Curve is different than a regular (prepaid) debitcard. The purchase/payment is taken directly from the underlying card you had selected at the time of your purchase. Check the help page below.’s-eligible-for-it-H1y1HdnIO

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