How to put money on Curve card?

Hello, i just received curve mastercard, but i don`t know how to add money on this card… How to put money on curve card? Thanks for answer.

Curve is unique :slightly_smiling_face:

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hello, you do not need to add any founds to curve card. Just add payment card (credit or debit, visa or MC) and use it as a usual card. Funds will be charged to the underlying card. You can add a card in the app - use + in the app.

I don`t undestand… On curve app not showing curve card balance…

You’re misunderstanding the purpose of the card, @atrabotke. For a fuller explanation go to:

It’s not a prepaid card. It’s works with your other cards - acts as a proxy for your other cards. Please go look, then by all means, come back with questions?


Example if i will withdraw money using curve mastercard card code money will come to my main bank card that i added to curve?

Yes. It uses the card or cards you have added to Curve to take the money from.

In effect it’s just like using your normal card but you’re not using your normal card you are using Curve.

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Hey @atrabotke, welcome to the community!

Curve doesn’t store any money on it so you can’t put money on the card itself; it asks for the money from your selected bank account each time you make a transaction.

In order to use your Curve card, you add a payment card to the app, which can be downloaded from the App and Play Stores. The payment card needs to be either a MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card (not pre-paid). You add your bank card details to the app, and you can then leave the cards at home and just take your Curve card out with you. In the app you can select which payment card you want your transactions to come from.

When you make a transaction with your Curve card, it will ask for the money from your underlying bank card (whichever is the current selected payment card in the app), and when your bank authorises the payment, it passes the money to Curve to pay for the transaction. This all happens in seconds when you are at the cash desk making your transaction.

Our website FAQs has more information on using Curve: