How to report fraud?

So ive done the generic contact us, “we will try to respond within 48 hours” thing but is that really the only way to contact curve to report fradulnt transactions??? bank n credit cards all have 24hour hotlines to report them but all curve has is, we will try to respond within 48 hours???

have a i missed something?

and yes i have now locked the card

There is a phone number that can be called for a lost or stolen card.

And fraud can be reported by filling in the contact form (and choosing the issue ‘Fraudulent Activity’), but I guess that just puts a ticket in their ticketing system just like you already did by contacting them.

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Sorry to hear that you’ve had fraud on your card. You can call out team using the number on the back of your Curve card - if you can’t get through to anyone then our team will call you back.

As @poeliev said you can also submit a form here - Submit a request – Curve. These requests go straight to the relevant team and are prioritised.

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