How to setup the Curve app as contactless payment option?

HI, i’m currently using an android mobile device, how do i setup curve to be my main payment method over Google pay. As in the past i used this, but don’t want to completely uninstall just in case curve fails, which it has done in the past. But was mainly down to a misunderstanding with limits etc. So not blaming curve, but now want to use it again. But want to have Gpay on hand in case it happens again.

The Curve app itself can not be used for NFC/contactless payments. But you can vote for it here:

In order to pay with Curve through your smartphone/smartwatch you need to add your Curve card to GooglePay (or ApplePay et cetera).


Oh i see, ok, i will try that as soon as i am out of covid19 lockdown. lol. Thanks @poeliev

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Just voted, thanks for letting me know.

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