How to: Share Cards With Your Friends Using Curve & Revolut!

So, I’ve found a fun way you can share cards with a friend using Curve and Revolut!
(It’s not so much a hack or a how-to, but I use it)

If you’re a Revolut Premium user, you can make disposable/virtual cards… Curve accept these in app, so I set a Virtual Card up with my friend today and tested it out, sent him the Details and it accepted it in his Curve app!

Made him bring me a Starbucks into work!

Thought it was a cool way to work until Curve bring shared cards :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard you can add a card in any name anyway, so just lend someone your card…

As long as you do the verification, it should work.

Not if it’s already in a curve account, so my Revolut I have a virtual card linked to it, so I have 4/5 cards on the same account

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