How to spend or withdraw wallet balance?


how can I use my wallet balance?
I currently have 10 GBP of bonusses now and want to spend or withdraw it to one of my credit cards.
Is it only possible to spend wallet balance for amounts smaller than the balance or is it also possible to combine it with a card? For example if the bill is 20 € then it should use the 10 GBP of my wallet balance and the rest of my credit card. Is this possible?

Hey @mensa, currently you can’t do that! You also can’t withdraw the wallet balance. To use it, simply select your Curve Cash card in-app before you pay for an item :smiley:

Thank you, but that means that I can only buy items which are lower or exactly the amount on my balance, right?

Where can I check the current conversion rate? So that I could buy an Amazon voucher which will cost exactly 10 GBP but in Euro. Which exact amount should i buy at Amazon to use all 10 GBP today?

Can nobody answer my questions?

Curve uses the MasterCard conversion rate, and during weekends apply on top a fee of additional 0.5% for all transactions made in GBP, EUR and USD and 1.5% for all other supported currencies.

However if you find yourself when nobody answers your questions -I apologize on behalf of the other users- you can always check the forum post already published. Click on the loupe one the top of the page and write the keywords of the matter you are looking for :wink:

You can use revolut to top-up and then covert to other currency

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Actually they don’t… :point_down:t2:
More info on that in this topic.
If they would use the MasterCard rate there would be even less reason to use a weekend mark-up and less need to show the (live) conversion rate in the app.

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I love to learn something new.
Thank you for the info :pray:

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