How to use the benefits of Curve Metal card thats included in the Mastercard World Elite Programme

Most of the benefits are closed for my “world elite card” that Curve issue. Only a one Mastercard link works I was only able to log inn and registered thru your link you send me to this site:

Other services are not available by entering my mastercard card number that I received from Curve.

Perhaps some of you can list which Mastercard “world Elite” benefits I have access to through my Curve mastercard "world “elite”

Have anyone used Using Concierge any experience with the service


Curve Metal card is not a real World Elite card, so you won’t be able to use the benefits advertised by Mastercard.

The benefits are coming from the issuing financial institution so even if it has a tag of a higher end card the issuer does not pay for the extra perks. Revolut does this as well

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