How to verify if underlying card is Debit or Credit

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each time we encounter an issue with our cards, Curve or other, we don’t know really if it’s a credit or debit card… You can use the following website to identify your card without giving all the numbers , of course. only the six first.
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Alternatively, the back of the card (or front) will say either debit or credit on it.


IME those free online BIN lists sadly seem to often be out of date.

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The simplest ways are normally the best.

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aha … :slight_smile: yes i agree with you, but sometime on our cards here in France, even when you have “credit” on the card, it’s a “debit” card.
But yes, i’m ok with you, these BIN lists are often out of date…but a quick tool for a good approach…

How does that work? Credit cards classed as Debit cards…

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@patrice58 . Hello Leon, yes it’s strange but seems to be only into France…The card is linked direct to your bank account, but each time you buy something it’s not debited from the account immediately, but only 3 days before the end of the month. In one shot for all purchases. In fact, that means during all the month, the bank is paying for you and recovers the money in one shot at the end of the month on your bank account.
It’s more like a " later debit" than a credit…but the law considers that it’s a credit and the card is engraved “credit” . but for some of these cards, when you ask a BIN base, you see that the card is in “debit” category…

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That’s really interesting to know thanks Patrick. :+1::slight_smile:

@patrice58 Yes, and all that with zero interest. But…But…if you don’t have money enough at the end of the month to pay the total amount, it’s another story…

  1. You can deal with your Bank to report the payment for a few days , waiting your salary for example, and if ok, that’s the same scheme as original, no problem and zero interest, or 2) the bank allows you an overdraft and the payment is made at the correct date but with overdraft interest ( depending of the overdraft amount in fact…), or 3) bad news, no deal with the bank and no overdraft possible…you give back your card to the bank…
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That sounds like a ‘deferred debit’ product.

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That’s pretty much a deferred debit card. Here in Portugal you can set any credit card to work that way, in fact that’s how most people have their credit cards set up. Any time youre not taking funds directly from a bank account it’s classified as credit

Why don’t you consider that a credit card? It is a credit card! Maybe more limited if you can’t carry a balance, but a credit card nonetheless

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@fuuj0r Hi. That’s right ! deferred debit ! but it’s not really a “credit” ! the card is linked direct to your bank account, like a normal debit card…
This is the only one product we have with all banks here in France. No other real Credit cards. You just can choose between two options, the card with a instantly debit or the same card with the deferred debit… and it"s available for basic cards, gold cards or black world elite (or visa infinite) cards. In fact, each time a French talks about “credit card” , he doesn’t know what’s really a credit card…under US or UK sens…

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Yes deferred debit is different to a credit card, and also different to an ‘immediate debit’ card, which is what people usually mean when they say debit card, (I worked in the card industr for a number of years, for my sins!). I’ve never seen a deferred debit card in the UK so it’s nice to know they are actually out there!

Here’s a rundown article:

@megamaster I agree with you ! But i just say that for some of these cards, at least for us in france, when you type the six first digits into a BIN base, you have the “debit” mention that appears. instead of “credit” engraved on the card.

I wouldn’t trust those bin databases much, they can be a nice indicative, but theyre often really wrong. My Curve card according to the BIN databases is a Russian credit card :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh that’s interesting, could be the bin is being used for a different product, or theyre using the wrong card stock, ive seen both happen!

@megamaster @fuuj0r Yes ! i agree with you all guys ! Thanx for this interesting exchange!
A nice point for the “deferred debit” card is that for fuel pumps, or hotel reservations, or cars rentals, the auth is assumed by the bank. the bank holds the amount which is not hold from your account…that’s a good point and allows you to fill your car tank even at 3AM alone in some lost village …:slight_smile:

Unfortunately, all publicly accessible and free lists are outdated and you cannot rely on them.

Just my 1¢ to comment it’s quite simmilar in Spain, our credit cards are commonly setup to work as such deferred debit as you described.

They’re always classified as debit cards because all your transactions are charged in the credit balance of your card, not in your account. Later, a one-shot total of your pending expenses will be debited from your account within 30 days or 60 days periods, with 0% interest. No fees at all.

Optionally, you can choose if all or part of your pending ammount is to be retained in the credit balance to delay payments as a regular credit, and credit costs would apply.

Yeah all that you’re describing (in France and Spain etc.) are literally credit cards with nothing more than what is known in the UK as a “direct debit for the full balance” at the end of each month. That is how most people pay their credit cards in the UK as it ensures you never pay any interest. However, the underlying product is still a credit card, regardless of how it is paid.

This is the only relevant distinction here because Curve doesn’t know whether your bank forces you to pay it off every month (near enough) or whatever other rules surround it. It might behave like a debit card, but if it is issued under “Visa Credit” then Curve will consider it a credit card. So if you want to know how Curve will treat a card; always look to the description on the card itself.

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