How update from android 11 to 12 affects Curve app?

There is upgrade available from android 11 to 12 on my samsung phone. How does it affect Curve app? Should I expect that everything will work or do I need to reinstall app(s) on Android 12?

Everything should just work

Take it from someone who upgraded, everything is fine and working without issue, jump in, the water is nice and warm. :grin:

No issues from me after upgrading to Android 12 from 11.

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I move to Android 12 in February and it’s made no change to any of my banking apps including GooglePay/Curve.

@moon Curve is fully supported on Android 12.

Not sure if it’s a Curve update or the Android update or what. But everything updated by itself overnight and now Curve doesn’t boot.

Curve version 3.16.0
Android version 12 (more details attached)

Pixel 5

clear app cache, if it doesn’t fix, clear app data

Sorry to hear this @somody, have you managed to get it working again?

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