How will Curve compensate for not giving priority support (METAL customer)?

So I reached out to support about in beginning of the month about limits problem, got email 10 days later with request to fill in additional information which I literally did 1 min after email landed in my inbox, I replied back to that email that said please let me know once you upload documents so I can speed up the process which I did… Guess what no response for 10 days already…

Aditionally I raised ticket thru chat about referral issue and this limits issue… it says autoreply we’ll get back to you within 48h and it’s been 1 week!!! I paid for priority support here and it says and I quote:

Get priority support fast, anytime, anywhere!

I’m not getting that support so how will curve compensate me for this?

Hello @SkoPu,

Sometimes Curve receives too many support requests then it can take some time until you receive a reply back, even if you have metal. If its an emergency simply reply with “URGENT” in your support ticket or drop the the social media team on twitter a message (@AskCurve).

Identity check is carried out by Onfido as far as i know. It can take some time for Onfido to approve it and send the result back to Curve.

Your Card Limits increase from time to time and dont match the offered FX free limit.

The Curve Support “can” increase the limit if you near the limit and your account is in good standing.

Default Limits:

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