How will your Curve experience look like in two years?

A lot happens in a year, which is about four startup years. How do you imagine your Curve experience look like? What have you been able to do by gathering all your finances in one place? Do you picture your own (financial) life when planning ahead, or maybe with your friends, partner, kids, parents?

In a few years, I wish Curve will be the central point to manage any cards, bank accounts and loyalty programs.
Why not thinking to be a “wallet free” ?

  1. Family or friends will carry Curve which make our transaction easier. Virtually lend one of my card to a friend to buy my lunch, or to child buying the baguette (french habits sorry).

  2. Daily with my partner, we do shopping divided on our 2 accounts instead of using joint account.

  3. At a restaurant, facilitate bills and share with Friends. One of us pays the global bill with his curve. Then he scans the bill with his phone and it is transposed in the app. Each select his food and it’s directly debited on their Curve.

  4. Curve will allow us to pay offline while I’m in flights or somewhere network doesn’t work. It keeps de guaranty to be paid by a authorization on my account.

All features are safes set with limits and accepted by the other Curve user. Off course, if I forgot to bring my curve while I’m wallet free, I’ll be able to pay with my cellphone :slight_smile:


Hi Will, thanks for those ideas: 1, 2 and 3 are on the roadmap already (share funding card, shared accounts with pots and split payments) Keep them coming! :wink:
Regarding 4, you can currently pay offline up to £60.

When you mentioned to be “wallet free”, what is the main goal you are trying to achieve? Convenience, saving money, getting the most out of your money, peace of mind, etc?

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I’d like to see Curve centralizing not only transactions and spendings across my bank accounts but also displaying balances across them.

With open banking I believe it should be possible to link all accounts together and then have the curve app manage everything together, like transfering money between accounts, managing balances, etc. So instead of having 4 bank apps ar the moment, one would be enough :slight_smile:

This is actually something my friend thought Curve does when I explained him the concept but then he was disappointed that you can “only” see your spendings centralized, not full accounts (as of balances).


There’s a huge possibility that in a year I will have moved abroad, so Curve will become way more useful for me as I will be switching between cards from two different countries. I’m looking forward to saving on those transaction fees! :eyes: Currently such case only happens when I shop online in a foreign store. I also feel that in 2019 Apple Pay will finally get released, and therefore it will work with all of my cards! :tada:

That’s a great idea. I can imagine many ways in which Curve would be able to use the new open banking regulations.

well i have been using the card from the start and love it

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