HSBC Premier Credit Card - 2.99% cash related payment fee

Hi all,

I just received an email from HSBC about my Premier Credit Card:

"We’re getting in touch as you’ve previously used your credit card to make what we describe as ‘cash related payments’.

  • There’s a fee of 2.99% (minimum £3) added to the account with the transaction.
  • We’ll charge interest at the standard rate applicable to cash or cash related payments, from the date of the transaction until it’s repaid in full.

Up until now, we haven’t applied these charges for some types of cash related payment. This means you may have made these payments before without being charged a fee, or with a lower rate of interest.

In future, if you use your card for cash related payments, the above charges will apply. We’re letting you know so you can check the fee and interest rate that apply before using your card in this way."

For the last three years, I have been using this credit card only via Curve and only to make regular payments both in person and online, never to pay off other credit cards with it or withdraw cash from ATM.

Does this mean that HSBC recognises Curve payment as Cash Related Payment and from now on they will charge me 2.99% every time I use Curve?

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Yes curve is dying fast but don’t worry I’m sure curve support will help give them a couple of months


Sadly it does yes.

Curve is technically an eMoney solution via Mastercard.

Seems this is yet another card provider doing this.

If hsbc is not important to you - I would ditch such GREEDY bank.

I posted on another topic before reading the latest posts here. I seriously wonder if Curve is on the verge of closure/bankruptcy. There’s no way, with complaints on so many issues, that it can continue on the current basis. Who wants to pay any fee for a clunky unreliable service with no customer support?

The list of cards you cannot use Curve (or Curve Fronted) with is growing… they need to take some action here or the whole idea of the product becomes worthless. I honestly don’t know what I am paying £150/year for anymore.


I have cashed out my Curve cash on an Amazon gift card today.

What are the other cards apart from HSBC?

Yes, today I’ve asked Curve to close my account as well for all of the obvious reasons. I’ve also had problems using the card with the primary underlying credit card I want to use with that ongoing since early July and with no resolution in sight. I’ve been far more patient with Curve for a product I’m paying £150 a year for than any other financial provider but there’s no way I can justify the fee and without Curve Fronted there’s no rational for having the card with cashback, exchange fee free transactions, and airport lounge access etc etc provided more competitively from other cards I hold.

Of course the next struggle is to get the account closed and part of the annual fee refunded! Let’s see how that goes but I’ve requested it today and expect it to be backdated to today’s date. If necessary I have sufficient documentation to request a chargeback as Curve clearly have not provided the service I’ve paid for.

Virgin now charge a 5% fee. Curve have promised an update on this but that was almost a month ago so following past practice in these instances it’s unlikely we will hear more. Barclays automatically block Curve Fronted payments from their cards, Creation Finance pulled the plug on Curve and closed accounts of customers who’d used Curve, and as well and of course Amex blocked access a while ago after the service was only available for two or three days. The latter was something Curve were supposed to be contesting legally but, again, nothing happened.

Well, I have none or those cards, let me enjoy while it lasts

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That would be a shame as I have hugely enjoyed using Curve. It saved me thousands in FX fees while travelling around the world.

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The good news is that there’s several free cards out there that offer cheaper FX abroad than Curve, if that’s the main thing you want.