Huawei Pay support

According to this article:

Huawei Pay is coming to Europe. It would be great if Curve will support it.

Don’t think Huawei pay will get take up as companies are band from working with them if they want to do business in America or elsewhere after trump has forced that company effectively go it alone on everything cause tump thinks is an agency of China secret services that spy on all I don’t see it taking off

Huawei Pay for sure will be great future to have. Especially on beginning when HP will be still not popular and it will take time for banks to implement new payment type. Then for Huawei users Curve will be must if they will want to pay via phone (or they will start HCE which can save them, but not every bank is offering this protocol).

I am not sure how it is in other european countries, but in Poland, Huawei is number one (after Samsung) and many people are resigning from using this brand because Google Pay will be not supported. For such people Curve will be saviour.