Hunting Points with Curve

How do you use your Curve card to hunt for and maximise the points you earn?

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It’ll all depend on the amex announcement :wink:

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I wish I could…apparently Rewards Partners are limited to UK.
Please, tell me I am wrong…
EDIT: regarding maximizing perks from cards connected to Curve , the only limit is Curve spending limit…

For me it is useful because I have some funding cards that give rewards in some places, but some of them have low limits, so I only need to carry Curve and choose the one that I want before some transactions.
For curve rewards only for referring some friends. I am from Spain.

Hi Andrea,

If you signed up after the 16th of February you are eligible for Curve Cashback programme. That means there are several European stores/chains that you can earn points with. Unfortunately, if you signed up before that and are a part of the Rewards program the opportunity to earn points is limited selected to UK retailers.

Thanks for the clarification, Marie !
I have signed up on January 16th, then UK only for me.

I hunt for cashback on my weekly grocery spend at Lidl, now made possible by the cashback program! I know that cashback is due to expire in a couple months, but hopefully by then we can start using Amex.

I was also hoping to earn some more points/rewards at Tesco fuel stations, but unfortunately, the underlying Tesco debit card does not register Curve transactions as being from a Tesco location, so no enhanced Clubcard points.

No idea how to earn points.
I understand rewards - I have 3 retailers, but I no longer use them.

I get a few at Debenhams, Boots etc. (more so during run up to chrinstmas) But by far the most points i’ve got is with referals - do tell your friends, share your code here and there without being too spammy, and you’d be suprised how many free beers you can get out of it - or in my case pay for itself as i got the curve card when you had to actually pay some money for it… anyhow more than made up for it in points and using it abroad.

I am wondering why haven’t Curve merged the 2 different rewards scheme in 1?

Unnecessary confusion.

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Going on from that howcome the offers are different on Curve cards, I don’t have the same offers on mine (older card) as my wife’s new card? Any particular reason.


We are planning on bringing the two programs into one and make it clearer :slight_smile:

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I always forget about this benefit of Curve, so when I spend at a shop that gives rewards it always comes as a pleasant surprise.
It does seem a bit erratic currently, as I still have pending against transactions in October (*Boots)

Does it make me focus on spending at these organisations? Not really, if the price is the same then I will chose the store that gives me *cashback over another, but I am more likely to be shopping there by accident really :wink:

Any idea when this will happen?

Not yet, but I’ll keep checking in until we have a timeframe.

My 90 days trial is over for some months now…