Hype as Underlying Card (Italy Prepaid Card)

Please add Hype between the prepaid card.

Could you elaborate a bit? Do you mean you you cannot currently add the Hype card in the Curve app or do you wish to see the Hype card logo included?

Sorry for the shortness, I mean that it is not possible to add the card. Is recognized as a prepaid or gift card.

Good job. Hype now works great. I have the same issue with another Spanish card. The Bin code is 532017, you know if it will be added? Tks


Is at least odd that for someone is working and some others don’t. Could it be that Hype now changed bins for their prepaid card ?

@Giacomo and @magoma What is the BIN of your Hype card?

Il mio è 517053

Thanks @Giacomo.

They definitely changed it.

Now is 534232

A ecco grazie mille

And you are able to add it to Curve?

No . Me neither.

Ok, so BIN might differ (517053 & 534232), but both of you are unable to add it to Curve. I wonder what the BIN is of @magoma’s Hype Card, because he seemed to able to add his Hype Card to Curve.

My Bin is 534232

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Strange that you have been able to add your Hype card to Curve and @Bionicecho hasn’t been. :face_with_monocle: Maybe the two of you should have a little private Italian chat :it: :wink:.

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Ho aggiunto Hype a curve… Non potevo perché avevo bloccato la carta io

That’s good to know :+1:t2:! Happy Curving with Hype! :money_mouth_face:

@Bionicecho :point_up_2:t2:

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:+1: :+1: :+1: bisogna fare il 3d secure e poi è completa

All fine here too :wink:

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