Hype prepaid

Hype si potrà associare? A me non lo fa fare

Strange it does not work for you, since according to the post below someone has been able to add it to his Curve wallet:

But then strangely enough it isn’t on the supported prepaid card list:


Which message do you get when trying to add the Hype card to your Curve wallet? That it can not be added since it is a prepaid/gift card?

Nella lista non c’è e mi dice tutte le volte riprova

I am not completely sure what you mean by “there is no list”.
If you get another message than it is not possible because it is a prepaid/gift card, I would suggest you contact support (support@curve.app). They can see why it is not possible to add the Hype card to your Curve wallet (since we are Curve users, just like you, we can’t).

Ho già contattato ma hanno detto che hype non è supportata

Well I guess then you already have your answer.
The only thing you still might do now is to contact @magoma and ask if there was a special reason/if he did something special to be able to add the Hype card to his Curve wallet.