I can't add BNP Paribas bank card

I can’t add a bnp paribas bank card. After entering the data from the card I get a message “there was an error trying to add your card”

What kind of card is it? MasterCard or VISA? And what OS, iOS or Android? And what is the app version?

mastercard, android 7.1.1, app version 2.2.3

First try to update the app, latest Android version is already 2.3.1!

But if that does not work probably the fastest way to get a solution is to contact customer support with this info and also mention the BIN of the card.


my card BIN number is 516842.

I have checked on our database and it looks like we don’t currently support this BIN. I’ll pass this onto our operations team who will be able to add this for you. To manage your expectations, we can’t give you a timeframe for when you will be able to add this card!


BIN 544036 (Belgian BNP Paribas Fortis) not working either… any idea when?

update: solved, after contacting my bank’s cust service, they removed a security block

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BNP Paribas with BIN 535473 works for me, I hope operations team will add Your BIN’s too.

I called BNP Paribas Corporate and they don’t want to allow card aggregation…

Hi, my BNP card is 537126 and can’t add it.
Can you help me?