I can't add reissued card

I’d lost a credit MasterCard and I deleted it from the Curve App (iOS). My bank replaced it by the card with a different number and I can’t add the new card into the app. Tried multiple times. During the procedure I always receive notice: “You’ve Already Added This Card. This card already exists in your wallet, try adding a different one instead.” But the card isn’t in my Curve wallet.

You will need to contact the support team via Support@curve.app or in the app as we are just a community of users so have no access to your account information.

Weird bug. If card number changed why Curve app “thinks” its same card… ??? Does developers really not test such scenarios? :open_mouth:

I tried the community first, here are quickier responses. :slight_smile:

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True… but this does sound like it needs looking into by Curve themselves. I’m sure they’ll be able to resolve it for you when you contact them :sunglasses:

Hey @Jirzi, welcome to the community!

Not 100% what’s happened here but as others have said, it’d be good to contact support at support@curve.app. They’ll be able to look at your account for you and possibly delete the card if it’s still showing on our side :slight_smile:

Just for info: Still not solved.