I can't pay with phone Huawei Although I have an account for a long time

I have the account created long ago and it goes well to pay with the phone until my Curve card expires I ordered 2 times the card has not arrived and it is disturbing that I can not pay with the phone. I do not understand why I should have the physical card if I have the app account created and I put a card on which I have money?
Can’t you do something to pay with phone without having the physical curve card?
I am waiting for an answer in English or Romanian

Hey there, welcome to the Community!

New Curve users have access to a virtual Curve card so they can begin spending with Curve right away using their device. :smile:
Check out the FAQ on this here and let us know if you experience any issues with using this.

As you can see the card is ordered if you give it to it. Activate Still do not let me make the payment with the phone on the bank pos when I make the transaction give me rejected