I cant use Sabadell card from 1st septembres

Hello,i used my spanish sabadell card in august,and now it is not working. I can use others from spain(lacaixa),and worked ok.
Ihave tried to deleted and puit again and it is not working. It says “urve preauth on new card wasn’t authorized”
CAn you help me?

Hi! Have you tried to contact to Sabadell? They answer fast via Twitter or Facebook. Maybe they have blocked the charges from Curve “merchand” and they’re blocking it because of “security purposes”. I don’t have any Sabadell card right now to try it by myself :frowning:

Thnaks,but I have talked to the bank and they told me there arent any restriction

There was an issue with BBVA cards starting on the 1st of September as well, but it seems to have randomly fixed itself a few days later.

I know it’s of no help, but it’s interesting that two different banks had the same issue starting at roughly the same time…

Your issue is related with this situation:

Seems that Curve changed something on September 1 and the banks have problems to manage the transactions correctly.