I don’t get my cashback

I dont geting my cashback rewards!! :flushed::flushed:

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I didn’t receive my cashback
Once you’ve made a qualifying purchase, it can take a few days to confirm your cashback reward. Once confirmed, it will appear in “Pending Rewards.” The cashback is then paid out to your Curve Cash card within 21 days. If you’re not seeing the cashback you were expecting in your Pending Rewards or your Curve Cash card, contact us here or via your Curve app. We’ll be able to investigate and help you further.

I paid 150€ for curve metal card and i lost 1% cash back??? and still didnt get my cash back from 5 days ago and 4… im i doong something wrong???

As this is a user community, we don’t have access to your account, so we can’t check what is wrong with your account. Please contact Curve support.

After 30 days you lose the 1% cashback on all spends. Curve metal gives you 1% cashback at six retailers (you have selected yourself).

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