I don't get my code

When I click on my phone number in the app, it says I will receive a verification code via text, but I never do get it!
Why is this?
It is an Irish mobile, so is that a problem?

Some people in my country (Bulgaria) also have undeliverable sms verification (not only on Curve), as in general such companies uses some internet sms delivery services.

The PROBLEM (in my country) is for phone numbers which was changed their mobile provider (transfered but keep number).

After many tries and some time calling both mobile operators (previous and current) problem solved but sometimes better use different number (non transfered).

It is good Curve to add mail verification or call verification (incoming automated voice call: "Your verification code is six, zero, seven, one … and again … ")

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Hey @JohnjH99, having an Irish number shouldn’t be a problem. In this case it’s best to get in contact with our support team (support@curve.app) so they can have a look and see if there’s any issue.