I don't receive the SMS for phone verification

I got the card , when i want to activate the Curve card i get an error : " to activate , verify a card that’s yours and issued in Europe ". I’m from Romania and it’s my card also :slight_smile: .
After a some research i found out that i need to verify my phone , to have a card added (which i have , also verified) and a passcode.
I go to id , i put my number , i press Send , but i do not receive any message whatsoever.
I made a ticket yesterday , it’s been almost 16 hours and got no respons from support. If you had this kind of problem how did you resolve it?
I tried many times to request the sms.
I tried to put another number ( it doesn’t work because i created it with that specific number )
I tried to unistall and reinstall the app.

:wave: Hello @eufilip3 and welcome to the community!

We sent out a fix for this yesterday. Could you please try again and let us know how it worked out?

I have the same problem.
I’m from Czech Republic.

Hey @propipraha, have you attempted to contact Curve support (support@curve.app) so they can have a look at this?

Ugyan ezzel kinlódom nem fogadja el a kódot a monese aktivalva van hozzá már írtam mindenhová de nam kaptam segitséget ami jó lett volna ,ha valakinek van ötlete megköszöném

Without almost any punctuation, Google Translate is not much help in translating your Hungarian post into English.
I am not sure what your question is, or even if it is posted in the correct community (since your post has ‘Monese’ in it).
If you have the same problem as described in the opening post, please contact support (support@curve.app), preferably in English.

Sajnos nem működik SMS kódot sem kuld

küldjön egy e-mailt a support@curve.app címre