I don't think Go Back in Time works at the moment

Issue: Both cards charged with the same transaction, no refund

How to reproduce it: Dunno. I moved my BA transaction (via PayPal that didn’t originally went well either) and I haven’t seen refund on the original card since then.

OS: Android. But shall not matter.

Device: Sony Xperia Premium

App version: 2.25.1

Screenshot: I’m not giving my personal records here. Check my transactions.

I don’t think this should be treated as a bug, but as a transaction issue, and hence you should drop a mail to support@imaginecurve.com. They will be able to validate your info and provide an answer.

Indeed, you should contact support as Curve can’t access personal details from this forum.

Also, take into account that refunds and cancelling of pending authorizations can take a long time depending on your bank (it takes about a week in my case).

I asked them twice - no response.

And still no response. I wrote third time.

Hey @Manveru sorry for missing this. Did you manage to solve this with support?

Yes. British Airways messed up pretty well in companion with PayPal… I hope you’ll handle these better in future.

Glad to hear it, I’ll make sure to pass this feedback on.

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