I don't understand Samsung Pay Card

I joined Curve via the Samsung Pay Card route, and to be honest, it’s just a confusing way of using Curve.

Let’s start with how the app works. You sign up via Samsung Pay, adding a singular card which is useful (I wanted to use an unsupported bank, so I added that card and all is good). Then you become intrigued and open the Curve app.

From there, I started adding extra cards and really getting into the world of Curve.

Saw Curve had Garmin Pay integration - doesn’t work with the Samsung Card
Saw Curve has GPay Integration - Doesn’t work with Samsung Card
Saw Curve has tiers, and some interesting perks - Can’t upgrade with Samsung Card.

So Samsung Pay Card get’s me a nice fancy black, numberless card and… that’s about it.

I’m now going through the process of switching to “normal curve” and will probably end up on one of the paid tiers, but to do this, I have to shut down my Curve account through support, and re-open as a normal curve customer. I’ve really quickly adopted Curve and use it as my main card online - because it’s easier to switch in the app then it is to re-type all my card details into every service - but honestly, this integration needs to be better as I’m now going to have go back, delete my SPay Card and re-add my neew Curve card once that get’s sorted out


  • Launch Samsung Pay card with the full feature set of curve
  • Point out the things you can’t do with Samsung Pay Card
  • Make the transition process easier.

Glad I spotted this early, if I bought a new phone that wasn’t samsung I’d be saying bye bye to Curve mobile payments for a few weeks whilst I ge this mess sorted out…

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Yes, what you’re writing is logical :thinking:, but you have to count business model of Samsung and Curve as well. Samsung definitely won’t want to have seamless transfer from Samsung card to Curve card or even mention there exist Curve card with additional perks… And it’s logical too from this point of view… :wink: