I got a new card and I tried paying and it keeps getting declined

Hey guys, I got a fresh curve Blue card and I linked my Monzo card onto it and for some reason I haven’t been able to make transactions through chip and pin on curve card and it always gets declined.

Any ways I can make this work? Link a different card? Order a new card?

What do I do?

I’m afraid contacting support@curve.app is the main next step so they can look at your account…

Do you have to activate it in the app, same as when you first get it?

yes i have activated it through the app and for some reason i cant even use the card to pay

I have similar issues with my new Curve Metal Card and Monzo

still waiting for a resolution from various people - they said addresses different on Curve and Monzo might cause issues - not convinced

tried other cards and they work with Curve so a Monzo issue - still waiting for them to sort it

My Curve works fine with Monzo.
has the pin changed, this i found once left me getting decline message and i did not know why. as soon as i found out all was well.

Pin the same and works with first direct and Hsbc and others

Monzo works too

Just not together

Update deleted Monzo from Curve and reapplied and now works

Link it to another card and try again