I have 2 outstanding Support Tickets from last week and Customer Support seem to have vanished from the face of the earth

I have 2 outstanding Support Tickets from last week and Customer Support seem to have vanished from the face of the earth.

  1. I have been locked out of my card since Thursday 16th with nothing showing in the App and no reply to my request for when my card will be functioning again! It is more than a little embarrassing when the only way to check card status is to try to use it and have it Declined.

  2. This Ticket has been unanswered since Tuesday 15th July and concerns swapping my Metal Investor Business card for the correct Metal Investor Personal card.

I am getting truly annoyed by the inconsistency of Curve. One day I feel we are actually getting somewhere and the next day I am tearing my hair out.

When Curve functions it functions well but when there is even the tiniest bump in the road everything seems to go to hell on a handcart. This is not professional and I hate it.

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Have you tried to call the number back of the card?
Or contact them on twitter?

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@hup - Thank you for replying.

Did not even know there was a number on the back of the card until I used my trusty magnifying glass!! :grinning:

Twitter is out of the question as I refuse to use (anti)social media of any sort.

Same here with one ticket. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Same for me. Maybe they’re all still furloughed? Or off making the most of the pubs reopening?

I guess they need a vacation

Ditto to the comments here.

Opened a ticket on June 27th, to ask about a ‘chargeback’ status - after initially being raised by Curve a while back (with a prior update requested on the 1st June). This was after the response period cutoff was slated for the 20th June. On the 29th June, I received a response stating that the merchant had challenged it (I’d assume on the 19th) - and that I’d hear from Curve “soon” - It’s now the 22nd July, and despite various proddings have heard nothing back.

At this juncture, I’ve been trying to claw money back from a merchant since the end of March… Truly an infuriating experience.

I emailed them several times since July 1st and haven’t received a single reply except the automated “thank you for contacting us”.
Wtf is going on with their customer support?

Unlike you, @Sweforce I did get a few responses over the last 3 weeks but it mostly “wait a few days and it should resolve by itself” or “the payments team is working on it and will get back to you asap”. That is better than fully automated responses but my double payment from the underlying card for an Amazon order still hasn’t been resolved. It’s just about 45 Euro but I really want to get my money back or I’m done with Curve.

Hi there! We’re really sorry to hear this, we are experiencing a larger number of messages from our users but the team are working tirelessly to respond as quickly as possible, I’ve just got a member of our team to reach out to you via email to hopefully resolve these issues for you.

Hello Zac - I am assuming that you have seen my correspondence with the various members of Curve Support and so all I will repeat is this…

Whilst I understand that Curve Support has been very busy, conventional practice is to complete already open tickets in advance of any new tickets unless the new tickets are Urgent ones.

As far as I am concerned, this has not happened.

As to having a “temporarily” locked card, that is all fine and dandy as long as it is abundantly clear from the app when it is locked and when it is not. It really is a stupid situation when the only way that I can find out if it is locked is by presenting the card and having it declined.

I hope that things will eventually work as they should.


I have sent several (unanswered) emails and I am still not able to unlock my card… so, if a fintech cannot support you on ‘easy’ requests, what will happen when there are critical cases?

In those cases, people come here and complain just the same, but Curve remove the posts.

Issuing a new metal card is expensive. They hate switching people from corporate to personal cards, because it makes transactions less profitable (possibly loss-making). I was ignored for some time when I made the same request.

What worked for me (non-metal) in the end was opening a separate ticket, clearly (re-)stating why I needed a personal card (No longer using card for commercial purposes because of Curve Fronted fees). I made it clear if they continued to ignore the request I would report them to both the Ombudsman and Mastercard for knowingly issuing commercial card for non-commercial use.

That got a reply and personal card put in the post in just a few hours, after a week of my original request being ignored.

Hoping you receive this advice before the thread is removed.

To those who will post saying ‘it’s against the community guidelines to discuss support cases’, let me say in advance: the way to avoid posts criticising Curve is for Curve to respond to support tickets in a timely and constructive way.

It’s insane to imagine that anyone who comes here and signs up to complain had even read the rules before they post their complaint, let alone cares that they aren’t supposed to. After all, Curve is bound by an actual legal contract to offer their customers support. At the point of complaining publicly, the majority of ‘support are ignoring me’ posts I’ve seen are from people who, in my view, reasonably believe they are not fulfilling this legal obligation.