I just want my money back

Dear sir,

Hope you are doing well

I have 2 refunds back to my Curve.

Gold brother £52.19

ASOS £81.60

for unknown reason, Curve cannot refund back to my paying card. I tried to reach out Curve via the chat in the app, but your employee told me to send them the bank account details and they can refund back the money. But after I sent the details, they have no responds since then.

it is not a lot of money, just £133.79 but it is very important to me because I have no more money in my account.

I just hope to get my money back… please, I have no money at all, urgently need my money back. please, I am begging you… I have no more money

Hey, unfortunately we can’t check your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you! It’s best to get in touch with the support team through your app or through Twitter DM (@AskCurve) so they can take a look!

Thanks Dann
I tried to message them through the chat in the app, but they didnt reply me at all…
I will try Twitter DM
thanks a lot!

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