I just want the metal card

hi all,

i quite like the look of the metal card and am not really interested in the other features on offer.

if i upgrade to the metal tier, receive the card and then downgrade will my metal card keep working, or will i be forced to switch back?

Just a word of warning on upgrading - I have been charged multiple times & the app hAasnt updated to give me the advanced features - but it does say I’m getting posted three cards now! Have messaged curve on every platform & yesterday got confirmation they are looking into it - no idea when or even if I will get my money back or if I will get the service I have been charged multiple times for

Nope that’s not how it works. As soon as you downgrade a new card is sent out and your mental card is deactivated.

Thanks for your question.

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You’d also be charged £50 for the metal card.

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Is this right?! Once you have a metal card a downgrade means a £50 charge?

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Oh wow! Didn’t see that on the upgrade screen! I’m stuck in a situation where I can’t downgrade anyway - I’ve now got a metal card, none of the features & no way to contact anyone at curve.

I mainly upgraded for the priority support as I was being hit with multiple charges & couldn’t get help - turns out priority (or any) support isn’t even a thing; very dodgy practices going on here from curve

Hey there,

you can use the form on the support website to redirect your query to the correct team:

Sent another message through this! However I have contacted curve through so many different methods it is getting ridiculous - next step is ombudsman I guess!

yes that’s why I upgraded to metal. Why dont they have a team just for metal users so strange no money

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