I’m packed and ready to go

That’s it! I’m packed for my first little adventure! (Obligatory Curve Pride logo on my case!)

I’m going to Billund, Denmark :denmark:, the home of Lego!

Hoping to pick up some exclusive sets!

I’ll no doubt post a few pictures of my journey. I’ll be using my Metal’s LoungeKey access in Manchester Airport!

This is just the first trip of this month, next week I’m heading from Leeds to London for Legoland Windsor, then back up to Leeds for a day, then back down to Wembley for a day for the Capital FM Summertime Ball, then back up to Leeds for a week, then down to Heathrow for a week over in Hong Kong, then I’m back… then flying the other side to New York!

If you’re in any of these places, gimme a shout!


Have a safe flight, @Dann :wave: We can’t wait to see more pictures :wink:

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Love the sticker on the suitcase :heart_eyes:

Please be careful - don’t step on any legos :scream:

Hope you’ll have a lovely time and that you’ll give us a few updates :smiley:

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It’s a bit wet outside today! So I’m in the Lego house!


Nice! :smiley: May we use your photo?

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Keep us posted, photo-wise, @Dann :grin:

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Sure! I sent you it on Instagram DM. Do you want me to iMessage you it in HQ?

Instagram DM is fab, thank you very much :clap::smiley:


I want everything…although, I’m flying Ryanair :roll_eyes: so it might cost me £100000000

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Wow! :astonished: How fast did you manage to climb it? :smile:

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You wasn’t actually allowed to climb it… :frowning:
But, I have my own version!

This is what happens when you fly with Ryanair…

(Had to flat pack all the boxes so they would fit into cabin luggage… and had to steal a knife from the hotel restaurant to make neat cuts :joy:)

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That is a great haul! Well done getting it all with you while travelling with Ryan Air :clap::smile:

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It’s Lego not Legos.

!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !


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Okay :woman_shrugging:

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