I need follow-up in chat

Hello there,

I’ve started a chat about refunds from a company which was credited to the Curve card instead of the Mastercard added in Curve.

The chat was initiated on January 24, and I was helped by a support member, where I sent some screenshots showing both which card was used for purchasing, and that the refund was credited to the wrong card.

I never received any more answers or follow-up in the case, even though I’ve “pinged” the chat a few times.

How can I get more help with these transactions when I can’t get any reply from the support person any longer?

Kind regards

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Hey there @Hansa, welcome to the Community and I’m sorry to hear about this negative experience with this transaction. It sounds as though your issue was passed to a specialist team but a routing error has prevented them from continuing to look into your issue. Problems like this are extremely rare but can occur if the “rules” for your ticket don’t match up with any of the existing routing rules which determine which tickets are given to each customer experience agent.

Please send a DM to our social media team at https://twitter.com/AskCurve, mentioning the email you’ve registered with your Curve account. They can check this for you and correct any issues with the help of the customer experience team.

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Thanks a lot, Joel!
I will do that.

Kind regards