I thought the Tweet was a joke. Curve wants to take the @curve Twitter handle

Then found the actual petition was live.

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Hey! Our social team have been joking about taking the @curve handle for some time now. It’s a serious petition but we’re not expecting it to gain any momentum or for it to work. It’s meant in good spirits as we’re almost certain that @CurveFragrances is not an active account on Twitter.

Who had the daft idea to open a petition and create a social media campaign to try and get @curve on Twitter?

It does nothing but make you look like a childish bully.


I wonder how much they paid for the curve.com domain, after having to use imaginecurve for several years.

I don’t see where the problem is :thinking: and anyway Curve is already on Twitter, this petition is to have the username Curve

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I understand what it’s about, hence @curve in my post.

Online petitions are usually dumb, this is another one which falls into that category.

Then there’s applying pressure via social media.

Overall it’s poor form.

Its a very clever free marketing tactic. Bravo Curve :slight_smile: