I was told by N26 they don't support Curve just yet!?

I was surprised to see unsuccessful ATM transaction when I tried to use my N26 debit card. Transaction was canceled by ATM, but I was still charged by Curve. There was one clue, however, that something went wrong: I didn’t get an email receipt from Curve. I always do.

I contacted Curve, and they were fast to refund the transaction. But I am reluctant to try again. N26 chat support says:

“Officialy we do not yet support this feature although it can be used but we can not provide you assistance in that matter.”

Have you ever tried withdrawing money from N26 with Curve? What is your experience?

PS: I hardly ever use ATMs, this was an exception :slight_smile:

That’s very odd. I’ve been using my N26 with Curve for nearly a year now :smile: Have done ATM withdrawals successfully in Germany.

Adding your bank card to Curve doesn’t require a feature to be built.

Please do let us know if anyone else has experienced the same as @praprotnix.


I’ve also successfully withdrawn money with N26 as underlying card. Note N26’s response states it works, it’s just that they can’t provide assistance in this case, which makes sense as the card used in the ATM was Curve, not N26.

I’ve also had one or two random ATM rejections (although with Revolut as underlying card). It happens sometimes but it’s rare. Just try again at a different time and/or different ATM.

Thanks. Just to be clear. I don’t mind a random ATM rejection, but yes a rejection with a charge for money I didn’t get.

What you see is just an authorization, it will drop off automatically after a while.

Not true in this case. N26 support said transaction has been fulfilled.

Ah, OK. Sorry, I never had that happen so I made a wrong assumption.

That’s how Curve works, as I understand it. It always captures immediately the full amount from the funding card for every transaction (there are some exceptions, though).

Perhaps too much going into semantics, but AFAIK, “capture” is when the funds are actually taken from the account. The few times I had an ATM rejection, Curve put an authorization on the underlying card which was subsequently reverted and never captured.

I am not familiar with all of the terms, what I wanted to stress here is that this was the first time I had an unsuccessful ATM withdrawal that affected available funds on my bank. Never before has a refused ATM attempt appeared as a fulfilled or pending transaction.

You are right: “Curve charges the full amount” is what I really meant. :slight_smile: