Idea: summary of the Curve Cash program after 90 days

As the Curve Cash program for Blue customers is limited to 90 days this presents a nearly unique opportunity to make (and make public) a summary afterwards. This should reveal average savings per customer in four narrowing groups as we move to the right extreme of the spectrum. Another extremely valuable set of data would be percentage of qualifying payments over £100 (for obvious reason). This could greatly help to understand how often the main argument against Curve may be raised (I say nothing about it’s validity).
For illustrative purposes only - not to be confused with real data - around November this may look like this:

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This is a very interesting idea! To clarify: would you like to have this information sent to you after your 90 days?

This is WOW! I thought of an aggregated summary made public, but you’re absolutely right that it may as well be sent to each customer with his own summary. In that case it could be even more amazing as you should be able to calculate his/her exact position on the “Savings Leaderboard” and say eg. “You have saved more then 61% of other participants”. And the list of all savings in pdf, please.

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Cool concept :smiley: I’ve forwarded it to our Growth Team


Hi all, i’m a new “blue” customer, waiting to receive my blue.
I happily signed to 90 days cashback program.
Could be interesting to have a final report highlighting:

  1. how much reward i’ve gained (with an average per month)
  2. a suggestion on a proper curve card upgrade for permanent reward.
    Something like. "Hey you got a cashback average of 40euro per months, move to Curve Black you’re already covering the Black expenses!
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