IFTTT Integration

I see monzo intergrates with IFTTT and think it would be a good idea for curve too. Then I could do things like if I spend using curve charging my credit card move the same amount in monzo to a ‘pay credit card bill pot’ or how about if i spend using my curve card then log everything in a google sheet.

I’ve used IFTTT with my Monzo account and, whilst it’s in its infancy, the potential is there for all to see.

I don’t have a sense of how complex that integration might be, but I’d really welcome it being added to the longer-term road-map for Curve.

Excellent idea logging things to a google sheet - This would be a great feature to have.

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For those like me that register everything could be a very efficient way to register…

:+1: Came here to ask for this!

In particular I’d love to be able to send every transaction to Google Sheets, but I’d love to see what else I could do with it… Go over budget for the month and turn down the heating to compensate? :man_shrugging:

As a potential workaround for the moment, you can set Curve to email receipts. The write an IFTTT integration with the email…

Would be great if curve could link with Monzo to repay once spent. I.e if I use curve, send money to X. Not sure how possible this is currently.