Ignored by Curve after losing £375 through 'Send'

Has anyone else had issues with Curve Send? I made a transfer back on the 2nd January for £375 by the money was never received by the other end, the recipient has been in touch with their bank and the bank can’t find any record of the transfer ever getting to them. I’ve been in touch with Curve and the support started well with quick replies but it has now been a week since I’ve heard from them and they have ignored multiple emails.

I need to at least get a response as I’ve basically lost £375 through as broken service.

I would call Curve on +442033222585, they will arrange a callback for you as a minimum but depending on the how urgent the matter is will attempt to reach an agent there and then for you. The guys on the phone are really helpful! Good Luck

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@adamph - do keep us posted. :+1:t3:

The phone number is for lost and stolen cards. Telling everyone and anyone to call will get this service removed and we’ll have a ‘lovely’ automated line like the monsters at Revolut.

I would recommend reaching out to Curve on Social Media @adamph as they’re very responsive there.

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They provide phone support for urgent matters, not just lost and stolen cards. They have never told me not to use the number and have either arranged a callback or got me an agent to speak to. I had a similar issue where a large payment had gone missing, they were happy to speak to me about this. I think if a response on chat isn’t forthcoming then calling would be wise.


My experience with Curve support too. Is it something UK companies do? Are they allowed to ignore people?

I agree, I would definitely phone them rather than go down the social media route. Let us know how you get on.

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It’s more a reflection on the quality of Curve support rather than the fact that it’s a UK company.

You get experiences of poor CS everywhere - even in Portugal…

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Sure, you do not ever go without a reply though, except if they really lost track of your complaint. With Curve I have tickets where they simply stopped replying and months later I’m not holding my breath

I noticed that often when there is no real solution to the question the answers start to not be there anymore … Pretty sad. Not referring to Curve in particular just general business administration nowdays :unamused:

I’ve had plenty of experience with US companies that are the same. You must be very lucky in Portugal if that doesn’t happen!

One can always write in the complaints book which is an official government run avenue for all complaints on pretty much any business sector. Anything written in there will not only be forwarded to the company in question, which has 15 days to reply, but also to the relevant market regulator which reads all complaints and takes action if you don’t feel the issue was resolved to your satisfaction.

They also will use the data to take independ action they feel appropriate. For example, if you complain about rats in the kitchen of a restaurant and want a refund its pretty much assured that that place will be inspected in the following days. If you complain about a bank overcharging on fees they shouldn’t, independently of the bank promptly refunding you they’ll also probably get fined

In short, no one wants a complaint in the book so if you go to a company directly they’ll do everything to solve the situation. Obviously, when they don’t reply its pretty much assured that the next step is going to the complaints book

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Offtopic here by me: There is one shop in my city where I saw notice that they dont accept 100euro (or bigger) notes due to “technical reasons”. Somehow I got offended by this (wtf - how can you NOT accept legal money?) and wrote to regulatory body. Never got reply, forgot about it completely, but recently I was in that shop and those notices were gone. :smiley:

Have to be fair to Curve here and say that finally, after weeks, they have updated a ticket I had open, solved the issue and threw 500 curve points on top for the trouble.

I have no problem with waiting a few weeks, it wasn’t an urgent matter, and the 500 points are appreciated, what’s missing is some sort of reply saying they will investigate the issue or pass it on to the relevant department

Thanks for all the comments!

Curve did actually reply just after I posted this so they obviously read these threads. After a few heated emails they initially said there was nothing they could do and then Anthony a customer service leader eventually replied and reassured my trust in Curve. He said they will refund the lost money while they investigate further. I was ready to cancel my card over this so they did good in the end. I’ve not got the refund yet but hoping it comes this week.

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Its quite disappointing that they were initially unable to help, but glad you’re being refunded now that the issue has been escalated… During the initial interactions (heated??) were they able to share transaction details that could allow the recipients bank to trace the funds? If not, one would be very hesitant to trust this feature.