IHG Creation Declined

Hi, I use Curve Metal and have noticed that my transactions when curve is linked to my ihg creation credit card are beeing declined. Is there an issue with curve fronted ? My other 3 credit cards work no problem.

I also tried to use the “back in time” feature to move a transaction from feb 19th onto the card which failed.

thanks for your ideas ans guidance

I would contact Creation, it sounds like they are declining your card.


Depends on transaction type, for some (esp transactions that would need fronted) you may be limited to much lower amounts. I’d suggest leaving it for a few days then trying £50 or £100 and see if that works.

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I used to have that issue - I could get £250 through but never anything more. Curve support were unable to explain why that was, and neither were Creation… but the service I’ve had from Creation has always been abysmal!

Edit - I’ve cancelled my IHG card now so the issue no longer applies

For financial transactions funded by IHG Rewards (e.g. paying off other credit cards etc), the limits are:

  • £300 per day
  • £500 per rolling 3 days
  • £700 per rolling 7 days

Therefore you cannot on average pay more than £100 per day or more than £36,500 per year.

Creation (IHG Rewards’ card issuer) also imposes a limit whereby not more than 20% of your credit limit can be used for financial transactions, although this is not always strictly enforced, perhaps if you have a good track record of paying off your bills in full.

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whats your source for this data please ? first time i hear of this and been with IHG/Creation for 3 years. many thanks

Creation have told me several times on the phone, even though it’s not stated in writing anywhere. Last time I spoke to Creation, they incorrectly told me that the £700 limit is per rolling 5 days, but this turned out to be false after I tested it, and it was later corrected by someone else at Creation.

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Do you know how Creation are treating such transactions now please. Do they treat them as cash advances?


No, they treat them as financial transactions, which are subject to the same above periodic limits as cash, but Creation confirmed to me today that the 20% of credit limit does not apply to these transactions, only to cash.

This makes so much sense now.

In the past 2-3 months I’ve had tons of rejections and declines and couldn’t figure it out.

Smaller transactions started to work but anything bigger would decline.

Thank you NFH!

thanks for this input. was never aware. never take cash from credit card. are these restrictions legal ?

I don’t see why not - it’s their card so they can set their rules!

fair enough, maybe inshould rephrase my question : why is ihg more restrictive than other credit card providers ? my 3 other cards are not requested to these small amounts. thanks again

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Creation wrote : I confirm the overall cash limit allowed is £2000.00.

The daily cash limit is £300.00 and weekly cash limit is £500.00.

I’m sorry, the limit is not something that can be changed as this is a fixed limit to all our customers.