IHG Loyalty Points and Curve

does anyone know if specific credit card providers lessen the amount of points you can generate when used via curve ? IHG Creation, M&S, John Lewis ? thank you

Not through experience with 1 of the ones you mention, however it is important to note that if you get ‘extra’ points for shopping in store with M&S/John Lewis, you would only get the normal rate for non in store purchases by using Curve.


Indeed, Curve act as a payment intermediary therefore I wouldn’t expect to receive any higher rates offered for particular spend (eg at IHG hotels). Some cards (eg MCO) still seem to offer it, some may do it via MCC, so will vary depending how Curve changes or passes that through. I certainly wouldn’t rely on it though! Also be aware that Curve breaks the direct customer/supplier link when it comes to Section 75 protection too (the same thing happens with PayPal).

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I got less points on my Amazon purchases when I used my Amazon Platinum card with Curve. I got points for pyrchases made anywhere else


I can confirm the reward from IHG premier credir card through curve is the same as using IHG card directly, and paying IHG through curve triggers the underlying IHG premier credit card’s 4X points reward (non-IHG spending reward is 2X points)


thanks everyone. appreciate all the feedback. was worried that some credit card issuers would not allow you to generate points if statement shows a transaction via curve

@jil can I ask how you managed to get your IHG card associated with your Curve card?

I have tried a couple of times now and when the test transaction goes through and I check my IHG credit card account, the transaction is truncated. All I can see is “Pending CRV*Card verific” in my recent transactions and there isn’t enough information to see the transaction code you need for the Curve app. After a few days the transaction is reversed as you’d expect and doesn’t appear on any statement.

Hasn’t been an issue with any of my other cards, just the Creation Cards IHG one frustratingly.

I added it long time ago, I did not go through the code verification process

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No worries and thanks - I may need to contact Creation Cards to get the details then.

Is that in the app or on the website? Just wondering if it might be worth trying the other one in case it shows more? (I too added mine ages ago so can’t quite remember what I did although I was fairly sure it was via a code)

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That’s a good point. It was on the website both times I tried this - the first time was definitely before they had an app developed so at that time I didn’t have a choice. I’ll give the app a try and see if that is any better - thanks for the tip.

Similar issue with the same card here (old card was fine, but new card won’t verify); 3D secure worked fine but Curve said it needed the verification code. By the time the IHG app was showing the verification code, Curve has reset and wanted to start the process again.

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