I'm a Curve millionaire!

I’m not sure what’s going on with curve anymore.

I have one pending dispute since July, several double charges and one refund that never made its way back to my account. And now glitches all over the app such as this one.

Can we please have a functional service back?

Hey there,

Curve works perfectly fine.
Curve is increasing the Limit from time to time depending on your activity.
Curve Limit ≠ Credit Line

I had one refund from Amazon a few days ago ans it was back on my underlaying card two days later.

Did Curve accept your Dispute request and they turned it into a Chargeback?


Very nice article @FlareCO, thank you! :star_struck:

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curve has just started to adjust the currency of the limits tab based on the user’s residency and national currency. instead of GBP i also have limits set in HUF now. what’s your national currency? i don’t think it’s intentional to offer 450.000 GBP daily limit… it should be 450.000 and 5.000.000 in whatever other currency